Thursday, October 21, 2010

everyday help

A great post from Carrie Arnold about maintaining recovery when traveling. This is something I need to apply to my everyday life as a college student. I tend to feel guilty about spending too much money on food (a leftover from the hellishly expensive binges of bulimia), and so doing something as simple as carrying around a granola bar or peanut butter sandwich makes my life much less complicated. I don't have to go through the psychological song and dance of debating whether I should buy something to eat, and if so what I should buy to eat and how much, ad infinitum.

Eating disorders are complicated, no doubt, but sometimes even the simplest surface changes (e.g., hey self, you're going to be away from your room all day, you might need to eat something at some point -- here's a granola bar) can make a difference.

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